Meet Stella

the spoiled fur-baby

First of all, yes Stella is our cat- and yes she has a secret bedroom in our house! We adopted Stella together when she was just five weeks old in 2015. In our last house, we had an empty closet under our stairs (think Harry Potter) so we converted it to her own little oasis. It went mega viral on social media, and even got us & Stella featured in People magazine!

We ended up moving out of that house, but we knew whatever house we bought next, HAD to have a spot for Stella’s bedroom. Unfortunately the house didn’t, BUT we knocked down some walls and built Stella her own hidden bedroom behind two bookcase doors, and made it happen! You’d never know it was there, but man is it PURRRFECT! This bedroom of hers ended up going even more viral than her last, and we are forever known as those “crazy cat bedroom people”. We love creative projects, and her bedroom is definitely one of our favorites. We sometimes think people only follow us for Stella, but we’re totally ok with that!

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