We are DIY home renovators & house flippers located in Akron, Ohio. We share all of our projects and our everyday lives with our followers on Tiktok and Instagram! We were also competitors on the third season of HGTV's Battle On The Beach!

Our most frequently asked question- why are you the Newbuild Newlyweds if you don’t live in a new build or are newlyweds anymore?! The cheesy answer? We think being newlyweds is a mindset & there is no expiration date, so even though we got married in 2017- we will forever be newlyweds. AND, we’re always building something new. Real answer? We’re too far into this to change it now.

Newbuild Newlyweds is who we are, not just our name. With every project we do together, our relationship only grows stronger. Because couples who DIY together, stay together... right?

the Newbuild Newlyweds

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Kelsey & Ryan

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