All Star Challenge: Our Tile Selections

Oh Week 3, we thought you would never end!

Seriously though, we never want to install cement board ever again. We started this week installing cement board, and basically ended this week still installing cement board. The shower took what seemed like FORVER, we were using 1/2 inch thick cement board so it was more difficult to cut, and the shower is huge and called for so many little cuts, especially around the windows! BUT, we are done with it!

Dear our home builders, this is how you frame a shampoo niche!

Dear our home builders, this is how you frame a shampoo niche!

Stella thought it was playtime right in the middle of the stairs while Ryan was carrying up the board!

Stella thought it was playtime right in the middle of the stairs while Ryan was carrying up the board!

Peep that little message on the wall, head to our instagram to see what it says!

Peep that little message on the wall, head to our instagram to see what it says!

We didn’t waterproof the shower this week because we are still waiting on our Pfister shower faucet to come in the mail, which should be arriving Thursday. We want to make sure it will fit okay and is good to go before we waterproof anything. We will be using the Schluter Kerdi Waterproofing system, which is expensive, so we don’t want to have to remove any of it for any reason. So, we took a step back from the shower (which is probably a good thing) after we cleaned everything up and got it ready for waterproofing.

Speaking of the shower, we got a new shampoo niche, I found an awesome one on Amazon, which i’ll link here, for a great price too! It’s significantly bigger than our last one and has a little bottom shelf which I liked. Ryan did have to make a new frame for it to sit in, well I shouldn’t say NEW, before there was never one there before (thanks builders). But at least we know this one is installed correctly and sturdy! We also decided not to put the shower seat back in after all. We never used it anyways, maybe like once or twice since we’ve lived here, so we just wanted to save ourselves more work and left it out. I think the shower will still look great without it! Ryan also replaced the faucet valve in the shower, with one that is compatible with Pfister faucets, because that is the brand we will be using-more on that later though!

The light at the end of the cement board tunnel!

The light at the end of the cement board tunnel!

Theres always time for a milkshake break ;)

Theres always time for a milkshake break 😉

Feels soon good to be done!

Feels soon good to be done!

Time for Tile!

We got all of our tile delivered and I’m in LOOOOVE. We are also starting to receive some of our finishes and other design elements, so I thought it was time to share our big plans! Our house looks like a UPS warehouse at the moment, its fineeee! I know you saw our mood board already, but we want to give you a little more of a sneak peek into what we are doing-plus some of our tile has changed! So take a look at this flat lay picture below!


Jeffrey Court Tile Selections

For the floors in the bathroom we will be using the 4 x 12 Teakwood porcelain tile. It is an awesome wood look tile, and the same tile as our last bathroom renovation-just brown tones this time!

We are also tiling the wall behind the sinks again, and we will be using the 7.8 x 7.8 Emblem porcelain tile. This is an awesome gray/white tile that makes a beautiful design when you combine four of the tiles together. Its going to be an awesome statement piece and I can’t wait to see how it looks with the mirrors we chose!

For the shower walls we went with a classic white subway tile, and decided on the 3 x 6 Allegro White ceramic tile. I love the look of subway tile, and I’m so excited to see how this pairs with the shower floor tile we chose.

Speaking of shower floor tile, I am SO excited for this! We found this gorgeous marble mosaic tile named Carrara Constellation, and it is amazing! Its a natural stone mosaic tile and I know its going to look amazing on the floor-we’re going to carry it into the shampoo niche as well!

We wanted this bathroom to be different than our other ones, so we are going with all brushed gold fixtures in here. Thats right, ALL GOLD EVERYTHING! Ok, not everything, there will be some matte black, but there will be a lot of gold! I think it pairs beautifully with the light wood tones, the grays and the whites and doesn’t offer too much contrast like black fixtures would. We are using Pfisters gold fixtures- we’ll go more into detail with that though once we install!


More Progress

Also this week, I was able to install the new cabinet and drawer handles. We switched out our brushed nickel ones from the builder, for some great matte black ones (the same ones we used in our other bathroom reno actually). We won’t be painting the cabinets this time like our last bathroom, we upgraded these from the builder and love the white, so I just spruced them up by changing the hardware, and I love them! They were the same size as the old ones, so I didn’t need to make any new screw holes.

New handles on the right, look at the difference those make!

New handles on the right, look at the difference those make!

For this renovation we are also partnering with Kwikset again, which I will go into more detail later on in its own separate blog post, but we changed the three door handles that will be staying (we are building a barn door for the closet door), to the Round Milan Levers in the Iron Black finish…And I LOVE the contrast they give the doors. We eventually want to change out all of the door handles in our home to the black finish, and it was so easy.. I did it myself! This is the same door handle we partnered with them for in our last renovation, we love this style! Head to our Instagram to see the process, and stay tuned for our blog post on that after the renovation.


We ended this week with completely cleaning the bathroom again to get rid of any dust and debris there was still hanging around, we got rid of all of the tools and stuff we’ll no longer need and we brought the Teak Wood floor tile upstairs. Placing the cement board in the shower took a little longer than we would have liked, and I feel a little behind schedule for where I would like to be. We plan on getting started with the floor tile right at the beginning of Week 4, and we hope to get it all down in one day, and grout the next day, so we can catch back up.

Our goal for week 4 is to have all of the tile laid and grouted on the floor and behind the sinks, as well as the water proofing in the shower all done! That way Week 5 we can tile the shower, and wrap everything up from there. Now lets see if Week 4 is as productive as I would like it to be 😉

Don’t forget to vote for us every day until July 12th by clicking here! The All Star Challenge winner is 100% determined by fan votes, so every vote counts! We appreciate all of your support, and as always, head to our Instagram to see more progress from this week. Stay tuned for Week 4 of the Jeffrey Court All Star Renovation also sponsored by BEHR and FroTape, we go into more detail on our products from the other sponsors as wellF we love BEHR and FrogTape!

We also have THE BEST socks this week, so you don’t want to miss that over on Instagram 😉


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