Shark VACMOP: Vacuum and Mop in One!

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I love cleaning.

Yep, I said it! Cleaning to me is relaxing and having a clean house is a huge stress reliever, especially during this quarantine if I’m going to be stuck inside! You could say I have a passion for cleaning, just ask Ryan! So when I discover amazing new cleaning products, you know I HAVE to share them with you guys!

And thats exactly what I found with the new Shark VACMOP!


What is the Shark VACMOP?

The Shark VACMOP is an innovative new product that is a vacuum and a spray mop for hard surfaces all in one…Thats right, one product does both tasks… welcome to 2020 people, Shark has beat us all there! The VACMOP utilizes the first of its kind disposable pad that has a dirt chamber for debris and pet hair, AND four layers of absorption to handle wet messes! And the best part of their amazing disposable pad? You don’t have to touch it to dispose of it! You can conveniently toss it with one click- never touch a dirty mopping pad again! Check out the pictures below of this amazing invention!

The VACMOP pad clicks right into place, and comes off with the click of a button!

The VACMOP pad clicks right into place, and comes off with the click of a button!

There is a separate chamber within the pad for dirt and debris.

There is a separate chamber within the pad for dirt and debris.

I was so excited to receive the Shark VACMOP starter kit and to get cleaning my hard floors! Inside the starter kit you will receive instructions and tips, one bottle of the VACMOP cleaning liquid, two of the VACMOP mopping pads, the magnetic charger, and of course the Shark VACMOP itself! It was a breeze to put together and install.

My first thoughts of the Shark VACMOP were how how lightweight it is (less than 5 lbs!) and how convenient it is being that its cordless…No more having to lug around my big vacuum cleaner around the downstairs, just grab and go! There is a button for each feature on the handle of the Shark VACMOP. The button on the top is to dispense the cleaning solution on demand to mop with the disposable pad for a complete clean, the four layers help it easily trap wet messes! The button on the bottom of the handle is to start the powerful Shark vacuum suction that captures small and large debris directly into the disposable pad. What other cordless mop does that? Oh thats right… NONE! Only the Shark VACMOP!

Vac, Mop, Toss!

Cleaning my hard floor downstairs was quick and easy with the Shark VACMOP, it easily cut my floor cleaning time in half. Which means…more time for more cleaning, Its a true win, win! I have a lot of hard floors downstairs, and the battery easily lasted the whole time, it comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, and a magnetic charger which was pretty cool. No doubt could last for a larger floor too. I was actually shocked at how powerful the suction was for the vacuum, I was definitely impressed, and its better than some actual plug in vacuums i’ve had in the past! After I was done cleaning, I went to the trashcan and with the push of a button disposed of the mopping pad, no more touching nastiness! And with everyone being health conscious at the moment, this is a great feature and very hygienic! But before I did that, I snapped a picture so you could see how well the Shark VACMOP cleaned my floors! Like I said before, I LOVE to clean and clean often, so I was surprised to see how dirty my floors were! Everyone loves a good before and after:



After.. look at all that debris in the dirt chamber!

After.. look at all that debris in the dirt chamber!

Overall, I am impressed with the innovative design of the Shark VACMOP and how they had their customers in mind when they created this product. The convenience and hygienic aspects of this product cannot be matched and I’m so happy to add the Shark VACMOP to my arsenal of cleaning supplies from now on!

The VACMOP is available for purchase on Also, head to our Instagram to see the Shark VACMOP in action!


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