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For our latest DIY project, I wanted to focus on a space in our home that people don’t usually prioritize, and thats our guest bedroom! Guest bedrooms are notorious for getting the hand-me-down furniture or the old decor you no longer use, but why?! We should want our guests to feel welcomed in our home, and have a cozy space for them to stay in. Both of our guest bedrooms are a continuation of our home and our style, so they need attention too sometimes!

When it comes to DIY projects, you don’t always have to have some crazy before/after transformation, or some huge, difficult task to undertake during the project, a DIY can be big or small, and equally as significant! Honestly, the smaller, more attainable projects are what I love sharing with you all the most, because that means they are something you all can truly ‘do it yourselves”. Don’t get me wrong, we love the big projects, but all of the small projects are just as important to us and give us the same level as satisfaction at the end of the day. 


So, for this guest bedroom DIY, we decided to not only keep it simple and attainable for everyone, but affordable too! But that doesn’t mean it was without a big transformation, small changes can really transform a space too! We decided this corner of the room (the “before” is pictures above) was missing “something”, so we wanted to give it a small update! All of the products we used for this DIY makeover are from the Better Homes & Gardens line available exclusively at Walmart! The Better Homes & Gardens line has so many amazing products for your next DIY from ceiling fans, to even sink faucets, but we used some of their Peel & Stick Removable Wallpaper and a Ceiling Light Fixture, as well as a couple other decor items!

Photo May 24, 4 33 30 AM.jpg

Better Homes & Gardens has SO many amazing new peel & stick wallpaper designs available, but we decided on the Scalata Branches design, and purchased two rolls for our space. I love the design, and the pop of color it will bring to this space! Peel & Stick wallpaper is super easy to install, and it’s one of my favorite ways to update a space, and the best part is that its renter friendly! Using a utility blade, and a credit card to flatten it out on the wall, Ryan and I tagged teamed it and it only took about an hour to install. You don’t NEED two people to install peel & stick wallpaper, but it definitely made things easier and go much quicker working together. We do have orange peel texture on our walls, and you can slightly see the texture through the wallpaper, but that’s not an issue for us. It turned out perfect, and it was so easy to match up the design with each strip, we even had some of the second roll left over if we wanted to add some more somewhere else.

Photo May 24, 6 42 06 AM.jpg

Photo May 24, 6 25 05 AM.jpg

Next up was replacing the ceiling light fixture. When we first created this guest bedroom, we used an old ceiling light fixture from our office (this goes back to me saying guest bedrooms usually get the leftover decor, see? Haha) and it did not match the rest of the decor in here and looked out of place. I wanted an understated light fixture that didn’t take away from the accent wall behind the bed, or our new peel & stick wallpaper. I found this Frosted Globe Ceiling Light from Better Homes & Gardens and I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. It comes in three finishes-black, satin nickel, and gold, which is what we went with! We have gold wall sconces on each side of the bed, so a gold ceiling light was perfect to compliment those. Ryan is basically a professional at this point with replacing lighting, so he was able to get it switched out within five minutes. The instructions were clear and detailed, just make sure you turn off your power at the breaker box before messing with any electrical, the light fixture even came with a light bulb, so we had everything we needed!

Photo May 24, 5 09 09 AM.jpg

I did grab a couple other decor pieces from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart to finish off the makeover. I purchased two of these Better Homes & Gardens 11×14 Matted Gold Frames for the wall above the chair, and this Better Homes & Gardens Marble and Gold Table Lamp for the dresser. The gold on the frames and lamp match the ceiling light perfectly and tie everything together. This project was so easy, it only took us a of couple hours, but totally transformed and elevated the space, check out the “after” photo below! Like I said in the beginning, having a cozy and welcoming bedroom for our guests to stay in is important, and I’d say we have successfully accomplished that with this DIY! To watch the process of this project unfold, you can head to our TikTok or our Instagram page, and be sure to go check out all of the amazing products that Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart has to offer for your next project!

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