Easy Garage Shiplap Accent Wall

While most people only use their garage just to park their cars, we knew we didn’t want just a boring, basic garage. We have done several different projects over the past few months to update our garage to match the renovations we’ve completed on the rest of our home.

So far we have painted the entire garage, added epoxy to the floors, created a home gym and a mudroom.

But there was still one area of the garage that felt unfinished and needed a little something to compliment the other side that is fully decked out. So we decided to do an easy shiplap accent wall on the other side of of the mudroom to pull together the two areas and make it all flow together better.

What You’ll Need:

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Let’s Get Started

We started by nailing the shiplap panels into the wall. We used these same shiplap panels on the adjacent wall in the garage to cover the old cinderblock wall and love it. It’s so easy to work with and makes doing shiplap accent walls such a breeze!

We have a water spout in the wall that the previous owners used for a water hose to wash cars. I spray painted the spout black to give it a clean and updated look. We also will be replacing the hose as well.

Because of the spout in the wall, Ryan used a hole saw to cut out their placement in the shiplap panels. He also used a jigsaw to make the cut in the shiplap panels for the end of the wall.

Once all of the panels were installed, we capped them off with 1×2 trim for a clean and finished look. Then I filled in all of the nail holes with spackle and caulked the seams.

Then I primed the wall and gave it a light sanding to smooth it out. We decided to also add a layer of trim to the bottom of the wall as well before giving the wall a second coat of primer for good measure. The primer dried overnight and then we gave the shiplap panels and the trim two coats of paint in the same color as the mudroom cabinets on the other side of the wall.

It would looked just fine if we stopped here but why be fine when you could be great?

We added some picture frames with photos that carry the Harry Styles retro theme over to this wall and we had some coat hooks leftover from the mudroom project so we added those as well using a laser level.

I love the finished look and with the hooks, it doesn’t just look better but it’s also now functional.

This was a fun project and really pulled the two sides of the garage together.

You can check out a full view of this project on our Instagram.

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  1. marie flores says:

    I love your new Blog !!! Love the hooks and shiplap and the pictures above!! when you drive into your garage it a nicw welcome home.

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