Delta Faucet® Glass Rinser Installation

We had the opportunity to tour the HGTV Dream Home 2023 in December and it was totally decked out with the best Delta Faucet® products!

But there was one gadget in particular that I fell in love with and have not been able to stop thinking about how cool it would be to have in our home. So when we finally got our hands on one, I couldn’t wait to get it installed and put it to the test.

It’s a Glass Rinser that connects to the water line under the kitchen sink and blasts water into the inside of cups and glasses of all sizes, making cleaning dishes a breeze!

What You’ll Need:

How to Install

Before you begin with the install be sure the cabinet under your sink is clear in order to have access to the water line and have an easier time with the clean up.

You will start by using a pencil and masking tape to mark off the placement of where you will be drilling into your countertop for the install. Be sure there is enough space for the back of the Glass Rinser to clear the trim on the wall behind it and for the front to have a little overhang so the water can drain into the sink. Also, double check that under the sink where you plan to drill is clear and will not interfere with any cabinet legs or bracings.

We used a Diamond Plated Hole Saw with a 90° Drill to drill into our quartz countertop for the install. You will need to run the hole saw under water to get it a little wet while drilling. The blade can burn up when drilling through a dense, hard material like a countertop otherwise.

Delta Glass Rinser Installation

Once the hole was drilled, we followed the directions that came with the Delta Faucet® Glass Rinser to connect the hot water line under the sink and complete the install. We made sure to position the Glass Rinser so that cleared the trim on the wall behind it and hung off the edge a little so that the water will drain right into the sink.

Delta Faucets Glass Rinser

This Glass Rinser comes in many different finishes and was so easy to install! We have used it to rinse everything from water bottles and coffee mugs to little bowls used for dips. It is very powerful and was even able to rinse queso cheese dip out of the inside of a glass.

You can see our install in action here and be sure to follow us on Instagram to check out all of our upcoming home renovation projects!

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