Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge 2019



If you follow us on Instagram, then I’m sure you’re DYING to know what our big secret project is. Well, SURPRISE! We are a part of Season 4 of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge! What does this mean exactly? It means we have six weeks to completely renovate our guest bathroom upstairs, while competing against 10 other AMAZINGLY TALENTED designers, with all the tile for the project supplied by Jeffrey Court! We will get scored each week by a panel of judges, but starting week three you guys will also help determine the winner! Want to know the coolest part? The winning designer will win a $5,000 dream vacation! How cool is that? We’ll definitely need a vacation by the time this renovation is over, I’m already stressed (kidding..maybe!) Also, this isn’t just a partnership with Jeffrey Court, but with as well- your one stop shop for your new home search! We have some other exciting collaborations along the way to show you all as well.

You might think we’re crazy for gutting our guest bathroom thats only a year old, but hey, when in Rome, am I right? No? Oh.. well its happening anyways! While there was nothing “wrong” with our guest bathroom, it screamed BUILDER GRADE, and thats what Ryan and I are working so hard to get rid of in our home. So when Ryan and I were asked to join the competition, we couldn’t say no! Thats right, those 17×17 tiles and builder standard cabinets are going bye bye! We’ve got some big plans ahead and can’t wait to show you guys the renovation process! This is all totally new to us, we have never worked with tile before, so this should be fun, and an awesome learning process for us all!

Click HERE to read more about the Renovation Challenge on Jeffrey Courts website and to meet all the designers!!

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