Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge: Week 3 Product Selections

Its week three of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge, and this is where you all come in… fan voting starts this week!! To look back on our progress from previous weeks, click the links below:

Renovation Project: Week One

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To vote for your favorite designer *cough* US *cough* clink the link here!

We can’t believe its already week three of the Challenge and we still can’t believe we are a part of this with all of the other amazing designers. We are finally starting to see our vision come to life, and we haven’t even started tiling yet! Before we move on, we want to share our tile selections with you! Jeffrey Court has SO many awesome tile options, it was hard to narrow it down, but we are happy with the selections we made!

Our Selections

The tile we chose for the floor.

The tile we chose for the floor.

Lets start with the floor tile!

We selected the Ashwood Porcelain Tile. Its a 4×12 wood look tile, and its GORGEOUS, each tile is unique and different, as if it were real wood. We’ve decided to lay it in a fun (but secret) pattern to add extra design and character to the bathroom, we think it will compliment our other design selections perfectly and elevate the bathroom to the next level (we’re trying to win a contest here people!) When selecting floor tile, a good tip is to make sure you aren’t selecting too small of tile for the space you are installing it in. Smaller tile is more difficult to lay AND more difficult to clean. This 4×12 is a great middle ground, our bathroom is smaller and this will work perfect for the pattern we are wanting to place it in. 

The wall we chose.

The wall we chose.

And now the wall tile!

For the wall we selected this Spaced Out Mosaic tile. This is also a porcelain tile with a matte finish. We think the shape and style of this tile will help make the bathroom more modern, and while Jeffrey Court had so many great mosaic tiles, this was both of our favorites! A helpful tip is to select a wall tile that isn’t “too busy.” In our case we want the floor tile to be the main statement piece, but also have the wall tile spice up the empty wall without taking away from the floor. Its also important to understand the size of the tile for the wall tile as well. Jeffrey Court had very similar hexagon shaped tile, but the others were a lot smaller than the one we selected, we didn’t want the pattern to be too small, and have it look overwhelming on the wall. Overall, we are SO happy with the tile we chose, Jeffrey Court has some SERIOUSLY AMAZING tile options, they made it so difficult to chose!

Ryan was skeptical about the cabinet color from the beginning, and how our tile selections would pair up with it, but after seeing them in person together, he is sold! Both tiles compliment the cabinet color perfectly, and seeing them next to each other gives me ALL THE FEELS (insert heart eyes emoji here). We want to share some of the other design selections we chose, but we are keeping some to ourselves so we can surprise you just a little bit during the final reveal!

Some of our design selections and complimenting accessories.

Some of our design selections and complimenting accessories.

Here are some of those product selections, look how awesome the cabinet color looks against both tiles! I am really loving black/white and tassels right now, so I wanted to incorporate those into our new bathroom. This bathroom feels very modern to me, while still keeping with the farmhouse theme of the rest of our home with the wood tile and stripes. We also went with sleek matte black finishes on the handles and faucets to keep with the modern theme. We have a really awesome collaboration with the faucets and some other bathroom accessories, and we can’t wait to share that with you soon!

Want to buy our tile? Click the links below!

Floor: Ashwood Porcelain Tile

Wall: Spaced Out Mosaic Tile

Ready for some progress?

Whats a week without a little progress? This week we painted the back of cabinets and the walls we repaired, also removed all of the faucets for the sinks and tub. All of these were fairly easy tasks, but it set us up to get right into some work next week! We’re hoping the faucets arrive in the mail so we can install all of those, and once we do that we’ll put the cabinets back on-which I’m so excited for! We also received our new mirrors in the mail as well we our light fixtures (which I am PUMPED about). Next week we are going to tile the wall, and save the floor tile for week 5. We wanted to split up the tiling between two weeks so we don’t get overwhelmed- remember, we’re newbies here. Next week we are also going to share with you how this renovation is adding value to our home, in partnership with!

Remember to vote for your favorite designers starting this week for the rest of the competition! We would love your support and can’t thank you enough!

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