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Do you want open shelving in your home, but don’t want to build your own? Well Shelfology is here to make your lives easier.

We recently installed floating shelves from Shelfology in two spaces in our home, the kitchen, and the half bathroom. I always wanted open shelving in the kitchen, but I never thought we had the room for it, and we didn’t feel like building it- we do enough other DIY projects! Then, we discovered Shelfology and their floating shelves!


Heres the Deal

The process starts on the Shelfology website. They have eight different ready to hang shelf systems to choose from, we chose their Aksel floating shelves for both spaces. Once you choose the stye of your desired shelf, you have to pick your finish color-which is the hardest part because they are all equally gorgeous! For our home, we thought the color Nutmeg would be the best stain color to compliment our other wood tones, and we also chose the “Rough Cut” version of the shelves to add a little more character to both spaces.

After you have your shelf style and color picked out, its time to customize the size completely to fit your space! This was the coolest part, because in the past it was so hard finding the perfect shelves to buy, and Shelfology made it so easy with them being totally customizable. You choose your shelf thickness, length and depth, and they have so many different options. For our shelves we choose a shelf thickness of 1.5 inches, a length of 25 inches and a depth of 6 inches. I didn’t want to do too shallow of shelves, because I wanted them to actually be functional to store some dish ware in our kitchen on them.

Once we ordered, it only took about two weeks for the shelves to arrive, which was great because each floating shelf is hand crafted out of carefully chosen hardwood and hand finished with their special blend of stains. Each shelf is made specifically for you and your space!


They day they arrived, we couldn’t wait to install them! Each of the Aksel shelves including the Aksel mounting bracket and two set screws. To install, you’ll also need wall screws, a drill, a level, and possibly wall anchors (which we didn’t end up needing). The installation process was seriously so quick, and the included instructions were so helpful. All we had to do was locate the studs in the wall, determine if we needed wall anchors or not (if you aren’t drilling into studs you will), took some measurements, and mounted the Askel bracket to the wall. After the bracket is in place, all you do is slide the shelf into the bracket, screw in the two set screws-and BAM! Gorgeous open shelving custom built to fit your space!

Last but not least, time to decorate! Shelf styling is one of my favorite things, so this was the fun part for me! Be sure to include pieces of different sizes for good layering, some greenery, and don’t forget to make the shelves functional by storing some items you actually use- have fun with it! Take a look for yourself below how awesome they turned out with a before/after picture!

Before Shelfology

Before Shelfology

After Shelfology

After Shelfology

After Shelfology

After Shelfology

We originally got three of the Aksel nutmeg floating shelves for our kitchen, but ultimately decided to hang a light above the shelves and only used two in this space. So, we decided to hang the third shelf in our downstairs half bathroom, and it couldn’t be more perfect! We are so happy with this last minute change, it elevates the room, just look how awesome it looks in our half bathroom!


Overall, our Aksel floating shelves from Shelfology look amazing in our kitchen and are seriously a game changer when it comes to open shelving. No matter if you are a hardcore DIYer, or someone who has never even picked up a hammer, these are made for you! The convenience and ease of installation cannot be matched. Go to their website and check them out for yourself!

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