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Loft Makeover

If you don’t follow us on Instagram (first of all, you should go do that) then you don’t know that our upstairs loft makeover is well underway. We are transforming it from a very farmhouse space, to a more modern, cozy hangout space-and its looking amazing so far, I love seeing my vision come to life! We have a lot of amazing sponsors for this project, and are we redoing everything from the shiplap, furniture, building a floating bench, new flooring, and an AWESOME new ceiling fan from Hunter Fan Company!

Our Old Fan

Check out that old fan, and all the farmhouse vibes!

Check out that old fan, and all the farmhouse vibes!

Our current ceiling fan is very traditional, and when we first moved in, it was the cheapest one we could find to hold us over for the time being. It certainly wouldn’t match our new modern aesthetic, and honestly, I don’t even think it matched our farmhouse vibes very well either. It was a 42” fan, didn’t have any speed settings, didn’t have a very bright light, and no remote to control it. And in a large upstairs room in Central Florida, we needed a larger fan with speed settings! Thats when our search led us to Hunter Fan Company.

Hunter Fan Company

The Hunter Fan Company website is so easy to navigate and they have so many awesome fans to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor fan, a modern fan, a farmhouse fan, or a giant fan- they have a ceiling fan for every design style, so no matter your aesthetic or vibe, they’ll have the perfect fan for your home! A ceiling fan is another design element of your space, so it should compliment the rest of the room and match your design preferences! All of their fans are tested, tested, and tested again to ensure that every fan is “Whisper Quiet” and “Wobble Free” -talk about amazing customer service and quality control!

The Perfect Fan


The fan we decided on was the Park View 52” fan from Hunter Fan Company, in matte black. The fan has three ash black blades that provide a graceful twist that adds a flowing element to a modern form. This damp-rated fan is made for use in covered outdoor and indoor spaces exposed to moisture and humidity like covered patios and bathrooms and is constructed of rust resistant stainless steel. This fan’s 14 degree blade pitch (or tilt) is optimized to ensure ideal air movement and peak performance for those warm spaces. So, although we are using it in our upstairs loft, its perfect there because it gets very hot and its a large room, so the blades cool down the room fast! The Park View fan includes a handheld remote for easy speed and lighting adjustment from anywhere in the room, perfect for when we’re  comfy on the couch in the middle of a movie- we don’t need to get up to adjust the fan! 

Ryan said the Park View fan was one of the easiest fans/light fixtures he has ever installed- and thats saying something, because he is by no means a professional, but he has installed A LOT of different fans and fixtures! The way the fan is engineered was genius, and so user friendly. It came with all the tools we needed and the instructions were so easy to follow. It only took Ryan about 30 minutes to remove the old fan, and install the Park View. I’d say that is a win! There are three different levels you can mount the fan at, low, standard, or angled mounting, so you can personalize it to fit your space perfectly. The fan is designed for ceilings 8 feet or higher, which ours is 8 feet, so we chose the standard mounting. Once the fan was installed, we were in awe, it was gorgeous! The matte black design was sleek and complimented our space so well- I knew we chose the perfect fan! 

The handheld remote was awesome, and probably my favorite feature, I don’t know why all ceiling fans don’t come with a remote! On the remote, there is six speed settings for the fan, and speed three was already producing more air movement that our old fan, we were blown away (not literally, but almost). Even on the highest setting, the fan was still so quiet, which their “Whisper Quiet” technology I talked about before, we were both amazed about how quiet it really was, you couldn’t hear a thing! The handheld remote also includes a button for the light, that can be dimmed, which we thought was a nice added feature to create the perfect ambiance and lighting! The LED light kit allows for lower energy consumption, brighter light output and a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, which is perfect for those of us who sometimes forget to turn off the lights (Ryan!). And did you know, you’re supposed to rotate the way the blades of the fan travel depending on the time of year? Well now you do! Most fans have a switch on the ceiling fan itself, but our Park View fan came with a button on the handheld remote to change the direction easily, they really thought of everything! Hunter Fan Company also provides a limited lifetime motor warranty, so I know this fan was a great investment should anything go wrong in the future!

Thank you Hunter Fan Company!

Overall, we are so satisfied with our new Park View fan from Hunter Fan Company, and its the perfect complimenting accessory to our redesigned loft! Even though our loft makeover is still in progress, this ceiling fan really pulls our new aesthetic together perfectly and was just the look we were going for. I will definitely update pictures here once we get the loft completely finished, so stay tuned for that! 

If you don’t have a Hunter Fan in your home already, I highly suggest it, we’ll be switching all of ours out too! Hunter Fan Company even gave us a coupon code to share with you all! Use code NEWLY15 for 15% off their website! Thank you Hunter Fan Company for your amazing customer service and providing your customers with exceptional products for over 130 years!

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