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Do you love the look of barn doors, but don’t feel confident in your ability of building one, or don’t have the tools to do so? Look no further, Renin is here to make your lives easier with all of their versatile and flexible barn door options.

Renin has so many types of doors to choose from, including mix and match barn doors, bifold doors, bypass doors and pivot doors. Within those different types of doors, they offer one to fit into any decor style. You’ll find traditional to contemporary – rustic, modern farmhouse, mid-century modern, minimalistic, urban, industrial, coastal or eclectic. Alone, they make the perfect statement piece, or you can pair together multiple to make the perfect combination for any space. Renin makes the customization process so easy, as you can choose from pre-finished colors and patterns, stained or unfinished solid wood, frosted or translucent glass, and other design elements such as sizes, hardware and accessories.

Our Barn Door


When thinking about our next project, I knew I wanted to add something to our newly renovated upstairs hallway, as it was still missing that “wow” factor, or statement piece, as you can see above. That was when I got the idea to add a barn to our guest bathroom. It is a pretty long hallway with several standard doors, so I knew adding a sliding barn door would be the perfect addition. This allowed us to create something that is not only functional, but visually stunning in the space.

Renin has so many amazing barn doors to choose from, so the decision was hard. We recently renovated our upstairs loft to make it a little more modern, while adding a vertical shiplap accent wall and new decor. Therefore, I wanted to be sure to select a barn door that would compliment our loft nicely, considering the two spaces are right next to each other. With that in mind, we decided on the Gatsby Chervon 2-Panel Barn Door. The chevron pattern of the door brings in depth, detail and that “wow” factor we were looking for, while also pairing nicely with our bathroom floor, which also happens to feature a chevron pattern. This definitely worked out perfectly for our space!

The Gatsby Barn Door is a part of Renin’s Mix & Match category, which means I could select my door, mounting hardware color, and add on options. This acts as a “build your own door” element, which is perfect for those looking to add personal touches to their door. The customizations we chose were the matte black mounting hardware, and the privacy latch, since it is a barn door for our bathroom, we knew that we would need access to full seclusion. I have never actually heard of a privacy latch for a barn door, so I was pretty excited that this was a feature Renin offered!


The door arrived fairly quickly via freight delivery, and it also arrived fully built, which is a huge convenience and time saver! Ryan was pretty happy he didn’t have to build anything for this project-lol. The door was ready to install with pre-drilled mounting holes and bottom dado groove guide, so all Ryan had to do was hang the mounting hardware on the wall and install the hardware on the door itself. That’s it! The Gatsby door came with instructions that were easy to follow on how to install the mounting hardware, so we were able to have the hardware installed and door hung up in under 30 minutes, including the privacy latch hardware! Take a look below at how awesome the door looks in our space! The color of the Gatsby door is a gorgeous and bright, blueish gray color and would look truly amazing in any home.



We love the way the Renin Gatsby Chevron 2-Panel door looks in our space and we are so impressed with how easy the entire process was from the online design customization, to delivery and assembly. However, we did want to take this project a step further, by painting the door the same color as our vertical shiplap wall in the loft to make the spaces more cohesive and compliment each other even more! We removed the door and the hardware and got it ready to paint. We didn’t have to sand, or do anything special to the door, just wiped it down and started rolling on the paint. We painted it Iron Mountain by BEHR in an eggshell finish, because that’s what we did for our shiplap wall. We were SO happy with how easy it was to paint the door, and with how great it still looks. To me personally, that speaks to the quality of the product and the craftsmanship used to build it. You can see pictures below of what the door looks like after we painted it, still just as beautiful! So, if there’s a style or design of door that you LOVE on Renin’s website, but can’t find the exact color you were looking for, don’t let that deter you from purchasing, because we easily painted our door to fit our space better and we are beyond thrilled with the final product.

We definitely recommend a Renin barn door for your next project, as they are very DIY-friendly, easy to install, great quality, and provide outstanding customer service. Now that we have used their products and experienced the quality and convenience first hand, we may never go back to building our barn doors again! Thanks Renin for making this project an easy and effortless experience!



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  1. SaritaG says:

    Do you find it difficult to open the door from inside the bathroom, given the handle is covered up by the door frame?

  2. Thannks for posting this

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