All Stars…who? Us?

We’re baaaaack!

And we’re bringing you some more Jeffrey Court renovation action! We were asked to participate in the Jeffrey Court All Star Renovation Challenge, and of course we couldn’t say no! This All Star Renovation is sponsored by Jeffrey Court, BEHR and FrogTape and we are so excited to work with all of these brands.


What room is left in our home to renovate? Glad you asked!

We are going to be completely renovating our master bathroom. Thats right, Ryan’s beach oasis is no more! When we designed our home, I let Ryan have free reign of our master bathroom (I had to give him one room, right?) and boy did I regret that. Once I got more into home decor and design, I realized how off the bathroom really was from the rest of our home. Don’t get me wrong, he made good choices, but it just didn’t flow with the rest of our home. So, when given the chance to completely change it, of course we took it! Ryan is happy we get to change it too, despite his precious beach decor leaving.

This All Star Challenge is bigger and better than ever… A bigger space we’re renovating, tons more tile, new sponsors, a bigger grand prize…and CRAZIER SOCKS! Yeah.. thats right, you won’t want to miss those! This season’s winner is all determined by fan votes, so when the time comes, we’ll need all of your support! Check out what our bathroom looked like before our renovation:

Stay tuned each week for our progress and buckle up for one heck of a renovation! Check out our mood board below for an idea of our plans for this space!



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