Renter Friendly DIY Stair Riser Decals

We wanted to add little more personality to our stairs without doing anything permanent or too complicated. I found these peel and stick decals on Etsy and they were the perfect way to add some color and style to this area of our home and bring the spaces between together. Not only is this DIY project beautiful but it is also functional because they will also help protect your stair risers from scuff marks or scratches.

The best part of this DIY project is that it is so quick and easy and does not require any major tools or skills. And since these stickers are removable they are a great or renters that want to add some personality to their home!

Here is what you need:

Before ordering your vinyl strips be sure to measure the length and height of your risers to get the correct size. If the correct size is not available, order a size longer/taller than needed because you can always cut the excess.

We started this project by vacuuming up the stairs and cleaning off the risers to be sure we were working with a smooth, clean surface.

You can use the decals on every step, especially if your goal is to protect your risers, but we choose to do every other step. The process of applying the steps is very simple. Peel the back of the sticker off carefully place the strip against the riser. Use your hands to smooth it into place, lining it up against the top of the riser. Once you have it in place, use the paint edger to any bubbles or creases out for a nice and smooth finish.

Use the knife with a new, sharp blade to cut the excess off against the edge between the stair riser and the wall.

And there you have it. A fast and easy DIY project that will give your home an elevated feel. Sometimes the simplest updates can make a major impact.

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