Harry Styles Inspired Garage Gym Makeover

It’s no secret that I have a small obsession with Harry Styles. So when it was time to give our garage a makeover, I had the idea to turn one of the corners into a Harry Styles themed home gym.

Check out how we took our old 1970s garage and turned it into an modern retro exercise paradise.

Prepping the Walls

Before we could get started, we needed to do something about the gross old cinder block walls. We could have just painted over them but I wanted to do something even better, so we decided to cover the entire wall with shiplap wall panels from Home Depot.

We secured 2x4s to the top, middle and bottom of the cinder block wall using cement screws with our hammer drill to hide the conduit and give us something to nail the shiplap panels into. The panels were not big enough to cover the entire wall top to bottom. Once we got the panels up, we added 1x8s as trim on the top and bottom of the shiplap panels to clean it up and give it a finished look.

Once the panels and trim were up, I caulked all of the seams between each of the panels and filled the nail holes. Then we primed and painted the entire wall Sherwin Williams Pure White.

Shiplap Wall Panels // Hammer Drill // 18″ Nailer

Adding the Wall Decor

It wouldn’t be a Harry Styles gym without Harry himself, so we propped his cardboard cutout into the corner of by the garage door. Then we used Command strips on the back of the frames to put up the different Harry Styles themed posters. These were such a fun touch and included different Harry Styles songs lyrics and quotes and really added to the retro style.

The next step was to get the yoga mat holder mounted onto the wall. This was the perfect place to store a foam roller, yoga mat, kettlebell and jump ropes.

Harry Styles Cardboard Cutout // Harry Styles Themed Posters // Poster Frames // Smiley Face Mirrors // Yoga Mat Holder // Foam Roller // Yoga Mat // Kettlebell // Jump Ropes

Putting Down the Flooring

Now that the wall was complete, it was time to add our gym flooring. Since we just recently finished adding epoxy to update our garage floor, the floors were already prepped and ready to go. We went with foam squares in black and white to create a checkered pattern to match with the Harry Styles theme. These were very easy to put down because they just interlock together. They looked great and created a nice and soft surface to do workouts on.

Foam Floors // Epoxy Kit // Epoxy Chips

Adding the Finishing Touches

For the finishing touches to the Harry Styles themed gym we added some fun and functional pieces.

This included the disco ball planters that we hung from the ceiling and a cozy chair and table in front of the garage door for relaxing with a Harry Styles magazine after a workout. We also added a pink locker cabinet that can store additional items like our shoes. It was also a great spot for a heater for our cold Ohio winters and a pink weight set that I found at Target.

Of course, a gym room isn’t complete without a Peloton.

Disco Ball Planters // Artificial Plants // Folding Accent Chair // Flower Pillow // Side Table // Table Lamp // Pink Locker Cabinet // Vintage Heater // Kettlebell & Hand Weights // Peloton

We couldn’t be happier with the finished look. It makes getting workouts in that much more bearable when you get to do it in a room like this!

You can shop everything we used to complete this home gym makeover on our LTK.

What is your favorite part of our garage gym makeover?

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