Slat Accent Wall

Our good friend Lindsay just bought a new house and asked us to help her with an accent wall and decor in her entryway. This was our first project for someone else and we were so excited and honored that she trusts us to do this for her home! This is a simple project that is an easy way to make a small, plain area pop.

What We Used:

  • Primed 1x3s
  • Painters Tape
  • Miter Saw
  • Brad Nailer
  • Paint and Brushes

Let’s Get Started

Lindsay shared her inspiration photo with us and we based the project on what she wanted. We started by using painter’s tape to map out the spacing and the design of the boards. We decided on using 2” spacing and less boards than inspiration picture since we are working with a small space.

Once we had our design figured out, we started cutting the 1×3 primed boards using our miter saw. We cut some boards straight and some at a 45 degree angle. The good thing about an accent wall like this is you can do it however you want!

While Ryan cut the boards, we painted the wall before putting the boards up. We also painted the two outside boards but will wait to paint the others until after they are nailed into the wall. After painting we used liquid nails to put up every board since we’re using shorter brad nails. There’s a lot of plumbing behind the wall (it’s Lindsay’s bathroom) and we don’t want to puncture any plumbing.
After putting the board up with liquid nails we used a brad nailer to secure the board to the wall. We used an extra board cut to 2″ as a spacer block and level to make sure they’re all even. This was Lindsay’s first time using any power tools and she killed it!

Once all of the boards were up, we were able to paint them to match the wall behind them. I used a roller to paint the boards and then used a brush to do the sides of the boards. I did two coats before finishing adding the finishing touches!

Lindsay wanted hooks to make the space functional for her and her daughter, so we made sure the slats would line up with them and they were all spaced out evenly. Ryan got the hooks put up and Lindsay and I made a cute doormat so we could decorate the area for the holidays!

We finished this project off with a bench and a little holiday decor. The space turned out so great and will make such a great entry area for Lindsay and her daughter.

You can see this full project on our YouTube:

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